Welcome to Svanemøllens Dental Practice.

Svanemøllens Tandklinik/Svanemøllens Dental Clinic opened in 2015 by me, dentist Rie Daniel Hansen. I have more than 30 years of experience.

In 2015 I found this very nice and central location for making a totally new clinic. It is located in the blue building next to Svanemøllen Station (S-train) on top of Aston Martin showroom.

I´m an all-round- dentist who like to see the whole person. I do not work with dental hygienist, so the dental cleaning is done by me. By doing this I get to learn a lot about your teeth and the way you chew. I take good time so you have time to ask your questions and/or tell me, if you have any wishes for cosmetic treatment. If any treatment is needed – we will talk about it and I`ll let you know the financially consequences before treatment.

I know my limits and work with specialists if needed.

If you just wish for a second opinion feel free to contact the clinic.

Phone: +45 79 30 60 40  or mail:  mail@svane-tand.dk

Hope to see you.

Yours sincerely,

Rie Daniel Hansen


P.S.: Free parking at Svanemøllens Station.

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